About Hot and Horny—The Wicked Party Band!

You would only be reading this if you were planning a very special event: an important celebration that really needs to go with a swing, and which people will still be raving about years later.

At your event you will want the best of everything: atmosphere, fun, dancing and great music from an amazing live band.

So, if you’ve got your sights set on a special party, you’re doing the right thing by finding out about Hot and Horny.

Whatever your event, we will have three aims in mind:

  • for you to be thrilled and delighted by our performance
  • for your guests to be thrilled and delighted by us
  • for your guests to be saying how fantastic your event is.

Your Event

We know that your event is crucially important to you and we approach each event and client with the highest respect and you will therefore experience helpful advice, guidance and detailed planning and preparation that comes with years of experience. That’s why we have over 10 years of delighted clients and a fantastic reputation.

The Hot and Horny Show

Hot and Horny are a big party band, consisting of three brilliant vocalists, a red-hot rhythm section (guitar, bass, keyboards and drums), and a stunning and unique five-piece horn section.

Everyone in the band is a professionally trained and experienced musician, ensuring the highest musical standard, but we know that it takes more than just good music to produce a party mood. A twelve-piece band is quite a spectacle, and we use our forces and versatility to full effect to create a compelling atmosphere.

Just having twelve busy musicians on stage is not enough for us—we make use of all sorts of props and costumes to bring the music to life even more. We love to play music and we love to entertain. Without exception, our clients have commented that the band’s enthusiasm and enjoyment on stage has helped everyone get into the party mood.

In addition to a great mix of music, with Hot and Horny you get a real performance—great live entertainment to stimulate your senses. Hot and Horny are not just a band, we’re an experience!

Our Music

Thanks to our size and adaptability we can authentically perform a huge repertoire of musical styles, embracing the most popular hits from timeless classics right up to current chart smashes.

…And Finally

We are certain that we can work together to make yours a fantastic event, so let’s talk soon and make it happen!

To get your party started, the first step is to contact Hot and Horny; either email the band or call us on the Band Hotline (020) 8427 4353

Best wishes,

Hot and Horny